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Macdonald Hotels & Resorts has more than 40 resorts and hotels throughout the UK. This privately owned hotel group offers top quality luxury accommodation, excellent cuisine and the very best service. Experienced hoteliers with a passion for the trade run the hotels, which are amongst the most popular in Britain.


Macdonald Hotels & Resorts finder a wide variety of venues, from genteel manor houses set in stately gardens to modern accommodations in the heart of busy metropolises. You will find a host of leisure amenities at these hotels, such as swimming pools, gyms, aromatherapy, beauty treatments, spa treatments and private golf courses, not to mention award-winning cuisine made from the freshest produce, the character of which is unique to each hotel. 


Macdonald Hotels & Resorts strives to ensure that its guests receive the ultimate in service excellence, which its staff is constantly improving and innovating, just as the various hotels are continually upgrading their facilities. If you want to experience Scottish hospitality at its best, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts will not disappoint, and you will find a Macdonald hotel conveniently situated for your stay anywhere in the UK. 

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